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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I have been asked numerous times on how to start this healthy hair journey that I have so much preached about, so ladies here is it:
You need a Hair Regimen & Good Hair Products.
PS: These post gives a brief overview of each aspect of hair journey. I will be talking extensively on each  in my blogposts, so watch out!
What is a Hair Regimen?
Hair regimen could be likened to a hair time-table, series of activities carried out at a particular time and in a consistent manner for the main purpose of improving the quality and length of hair.

Please note, success on this journey will only be achieved if you are passionate about your hair growing, thus, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY are the Key.

Steps to incorporate into a hair regimen:
1. Pre-poo /Pri-pu/
2. Shampooing
3. Conditioning
4. Co-washing (Optional)
5. Deep Conditioning
6. Moisturizing
7. Sealing
8. Research

This is a pre-shampoo treatment i.e. before the application of shampoo. Pre-poo is done either with oil(s) or conditioner(s). Oil or Conditioner is left on the hair for a duration before washing it.  It reduces the harsh effect of the shampoo on our hair and also conditions the hair.
With oil: Heat up the oil of your choice in a small bowl by placing it in a bigger bowl containing hot water. Apply warm oil to the entire hair, cover with a plastic cap and leave in for a minimum of 30mins.
With Conditioner: Apply conditioner of choice to hair and cover with a plastic cap for a minimum of 30minutes. The longer the pre-poo, the better.

Shampoo basically is a cleaning agent that is used for the removal of mineral deposit, dirt and oils. There are different types of shampoo: clarifying, moisturizing, conditioning etc. which have different features and benefits. It is important to match what your hair needs to the shampoo features and benefits that is right for you.
Shampoo should  be applied ONLY to the scalp, the shampoo run off mildly cleanses the entire hair length of excess oil, dirt or mineral deposit. Shampoo should not be applied directly to your hair as this strips the hair of its natural oil.

Conditioners are the products charged with working on the surface of the hair to improve its look, feel and texture. Conditioners restore moisture that has been lost in the hair during the shampoo process or daily exposure conditions and improves the hair manageability.
Conditioners are important because they are specially formulated to help us achieve hair strength and softness.
There are different types of conditioner, targeted towards specific needs for our hair: Instant conditioners, Rinse-out conditioners, Moisturizing/Protein conditioners, Protein Reconstructors and Leave-in conditioners.
Conditioners should be applied to the entire length of hair, and left in the hair for 2-3minutes before washing or as specified in the ‘Direction for Use’.

Co-washing is simply skipping shampoo and relying solely on conditioner to give your hair an extra moisture boost.  There are conditioners specifically made for co-washing. This is an optional step that can be incorporated into mid-week washing.
'Co-washing conditioners' should be applied to the entire length of hair, and left in the hair for 2-3minutes before washing or as specified in the ‘Direction for Use’.

Deep conditioning is a very important step towards healthy hair, it should not be missed. Hair should always be deep conditioned after every shampooing session. The emollient and other ingredients present in deep conditioners improve the elasticity of the hair.
There are two types of deep conditioners: Moisturize and Protein Deep conditioners.
It is very important to apply either moisture or protein deep conditioners to hair based on the hair need so as to prevent moisture/protein overload.
1. For Hot Deep Conditioning: Apply deep conditioner to your hair, cover with a plastic cap and sit under the steamer for a minimum of 30 minutes.
2. For Cold Deep Conditioning: Apply deep conditioner to your hair, cover with a plastic cap and wrap with a dry/warm towel for a minimum of 45minutes.
The longer the period of deep conditioning, the more beneficial it is.
The benefit of moisturizing cannot be over emphasized, this is very important for hair as it provides the hair with the much needed moisture which African hair lacks.  Moisture replenishes the hair's internal water and other essential element that's naturally lost. A good moisturizer always contains water as its first ingredient.  Applying a good moisturizer makes the hair very soft, easy to comb and manageable. Because, water evaporates easily from the hair after a while, it is important to keep it locked in with the aid of a barrier such as oil.
Divide hair into smaller sections and lightly coat hair from root to tip with moisturizer, concentrating more on the tip as this is the oldest part of the hair and needs more care (t.l.c)  loolz.

Sealing of hair is basically locking moisture into the hair with the use of oil. Oil serves as a barrier which prevents the evaporation of the moisture applied to the hair. There are so many types of oil that can be used for sealing: coconut oil, grape-seed oil, castor oil, olive oil etc.


Hair care involves a whole lot of information, thus, one blog, book or video cannot capture all, due to the uniqueness of our hair and different daily discoveries on hair care, it is important to make research your best friend.  Research was my best friend; I search not just blogs but YouTube videos (God bless the inventor of YouTube) as well as hair books.

1) There is a sense of joy that keeps coming to you when you see your hair grow longer than you have ever seen.
2) The good feeling when people marvel at how long your hair is and they compliment you for it.
3) The confidence to want to flaunt and talk about your hair.
4) The confidence to tell other ladies that their hair can grow very long too.

Please refer to my hair regimen here to help you come up with yours, and feel free to adjust it to suit your hair needs.

Become my friend, I’ll like to hear from you if you decide to start a healthy hair journey.
Hairgineer Oyk.

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  1. beejaiye3:06 pm

    Thank Oyinkan... am sure going to run with this, am glad have found a solution to my damged hair and am positive that my hair would grow again..

    1. Thank you Beejaiye, glad you feel this way. Kindly share with me your progress as i will love to be of help along the way.

  2. beejaiye3:14 pm

    Am glad I found this..

  3. Great tips, Oyinkan. I do all of these things. It may sound like a lot of work but your hair will thank you in the long run. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here.

    Versatile Blogger Award

    Don't Touch The Hair

  4. Anonymous10:29 pm

    All the above sounds like a lot of work but I love the encouragement your post gives. Make me want to invest in growing my hair instead of my handbag collection. All the best Oyk.

    1. Thanks dear, with good investment and hard work comes great reward. You will love yourself for it at the end of it all.


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