Crochet Braids---Healthy way for Braids Installation.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Happy New year Hairgineers,

I will like to apologize for the long absence and lacks of blog posts uploads, this has been due to the fact that i was ill. I am back now and uploads of blog post will resume in full swing.
I installed crotchet braids last year November 22nd and i had drafted my post but i couldn’t upload due to my illness, so i have decided to combine my taught on crochet braids during installation with my taught on its removal.

I had mentioned in my final thoughts post on protective styling that i was going to try crochet braids as i had heard so much about it and the healthy benefits to the hair.

What is Crochet Braids?
Crochet Braids is basically braiding your extensions/attachments on a cornrows base instead of braiding your extension/ attachments on collective hair strands.
Crochet Braids can be done for all forms of braids; Box braids, Senegalese twists etc

How is this done?
Hair is braided into cornrows base like with a sew-in, style and type of cornrow (straight, circular etc) is dependent on the style in view. The bulk extensions/attachments are passed through the cornrow with a crochet pins or latch hook, and the final result is styled as desired.

It is important that the cornrow is not tight as this could be damaging to the hair, also for any protective styling with extensions/attachments  the hair should be treated to a protein treatment balancing this with a moisturizing treatment, so it can withstand the pull/pressure from the extensions/attachments.
Washing, conditioning/deep conditioning, moisturizing & sealing of  hair during installation period is very vital for any form of protective styling.
I will be taking care of braids as stated in my previous posts 1,2 & 3 on protective styling.

There are so many You-tube videos on crochet braids that can be watched for a visual understanding of the installation.

Moisturized Hair

Inserting Marley Hair into cornrows

Crochet pin used for sliding in Marley Hair

Sliding Marley hair in and out of cornrows
Final twisted result back view.

Final reuslt
2 months of Crochet Braids installation.
1)    Saves times; as this takes shorter time to complete as against spending several hours at the salon while getting your braids installed.
2)    Little or no pressure is imposed on the tender edge and nape hair if installed properly, thus no loss of baby edge or nape hair.


I had planned on installing the braids for 6weeks but ended up installing it for 2months/8weeks and i believe to have about 1inch undergrowth. Due to my hospitalization, I couldn’t take care of my braids during its installation  I was only able to shampoo, condition and deep condition my braids after I was discharged.

Upon removal I sprayed my hair with mane-n-tail detangler then loosened the corn rows and  carefully detangling with my fingers to removing shed hair.

The major benefit on its removal.
1)    Hair did not twist and matte excessively from the long time installation like it would have if it were individual braids, I still have my edge and nape hair intact.

Crochet Braids is fairly new in Nigeria so it might be hard to get a hair salon that does this, I had to give a step by step instructions to my friend who helped me with my installation.
Mybeautyhub on Awolowo Street in Lagos Island is the only hair salon i know that offers this service for now.

Become my friend, would u try crochet braids?

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  1. Nice one. I will give it a try

  2. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Please can I get the address of the salon to install the crotchet braids. My digit is 09097425384. Thanks

    1. I will like to know if you based in Ibadan or Lagos, in order to know which address to give you. Thanks


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