Box Braids Wash Day

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Hey Hairgineers,

I am so excited to be back to give you guys updates and share my wash day like I mentioned in my debut post, though a bit late with this post because i have been swamped with Site Inspection, my apologies. I washed my hair on Saturday 6th September 2014, which was 2 weeks of Box Braids Installation. Below i share products used, pictures, regimen i followed and my observations.

Box Braids Wash Product Crwe

Products I used

- Shampoo: Elasta QP Crème Conditioning Shampoo

 I diluted this with water to make it runny so it’s easier to wash out of my hair.

-Conditioner: Vo5 Split-end anti-break conditioner (this is a runny conditioner too)

-Deep Conditioner: Crème of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment + Queen Helen Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream + Nutiva Coconut oil. (I mix these in my Elasta QP DPR-11 empty container). I stayed under the steamer for 20minutes before washing.

-Leave-in: My braid mix (S-curl Moisturizer + Cantu Shea Butter +Water)

-Sealant: Grape seed oil.

Diluted Shampoo was applied to my roots only
Applied Deep Conditioner to the extent of natural hair

Regimen I  followed

Four days into moisturizing my hair daily, I noticed it was constantly damp, seems it takes 'Expression Attachment' which I used longer time to dry, and since I didn’t want mildew in my hair loolz I changed to moisturizing my hair every other day, and yes I covered my hair every night in a silk bonnet.

My Observations

My hair felt very heavy after washing and I noticed two braid strands on both sides of my precious edges were been pulled and under pressure, so I decided to loosen them. After loosening I realized my hair roots were already twisted and matting, woow, just two weeks. I might loosen my Box Braids earlier than I planned (still contemplating).

My next wash day will be 20th September 2012, keep a date with me.

Become my friend, I’ll like to hear from you on your wash day.

Hairgineer Oyk.

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  1. Nice blog you have here. It was a good idea you changed to moisturizing every other day. Maybe you can even go 3 days because if the hair ia still moist, then it doesn't really need more.

  2. Thanks loads, i really appreciate you. Yeah i will experiment with longer days and see how that turns out.

  3. Anonymous8:32 am

    Hey Oyk! This is great. Keep it up! Hugs! Stella Osano

  4. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Hmm glad I came across or blog. Been wondering what to do with my hair and how often I need to use relaxer

    1. I will recommend a minimum duration of 12 weeks (3 months) for your relaxer application, as this will reduces overlapping and over-processing of your hair.


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