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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hey Hairgineers,

August 3rd 2014 was my previous texlax update and i had planned that my next texlax was going to be on the 20th December 2015, unfortunately i was not be achieved this. 
At 16 weeks post telax (22nd November 2014) i installed crotchet braids as my protective style for the coming harmattan season, refer to this post for my details on crotchet braids.
Unfortunately few days after installation, i fell ill and was hospitalized for about a month and half. I had religiously followed my hair regimen before this, due to the hospitalization I could not follow my regimen and didn’t wash my hair till I was discharged.
At 22 weeks post texlax (3rd  January 2015), I  shampooed and did a protein conditioning and deep conditioning treatment as my undergrowth was wild and i knew i had to texlax upon removal of the braids.
I removed my braids at 26 weeks post texlax and texlaxed the following week.


I gently parted my 27weeks post telax under growth and then applied Vaseline petroleum jelly to my scalp. I finger detangled my hair to further remove any shed hair before combing with my Mebco detangling comb. I sectioned my hair into four parts and applied Roux Porosity Control & Corrector Conditioner to my previously relaxed hair. I twisted and pinned each part and covered with my silk bonnet to bed.


I am still too scared to self texlax so I went to the salon for a professional touch up. The relaxer application and smoothen took exactly 17minutes and it was washed immediately.

Products used for Texlax
Products Used:
- Relaxer: ORS Lye Relaxer in Normal Strength.
-Conditioner: used Aphogee 2-min Reconstructor as my mid-relaxer protein
-Neutralizing Shampoo:  Motion Neutralizing Shampoo
-Deep Conditioner: Elasta QP-DPR Deep penetrating  moisture+ ORS Replenishing conditioner + Goya Olive oil + Coconut oil.
-Apple Rinse: Raven Apple Rinse for Black Hair.
-Heat Protector: Tressemme Heat Defense Styling Spray.
-Leave-in: S-curl Activator/Moisturizer.
-Sealant: Jamaica Black Castor Oil (not shown in picture).
-Relaxed End Protector: Roux Porosity Control & Corrector Conditioner

Texlax Result
The result came out very well though the right side was more processed than the left side, this I hope to correct at the next texlax.

Become my friend, would you try texlax?

Hairgineer Oyk.

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  1. I usually texlax. How did you manage 6 months of new growth?

    1. I plaid my hair in loose braids and use wigs once i reach 3months post relaxer. This last time i had crotchet braids installed for 2months so that helped achieve the 6 months. I have decided to do a 4 months stretch this time and see how much length i will retain, cos sincerely 6months is a lotta work lolz.


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