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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hey Hairgineers,

So glad to be sharing something with you guys today and that is how documenting your hair journey just got easier.

It is very important to keep track of your hair journey, as you eliminate cracking your brain on what product you used last week or last month or search endlessly for that sheet of paper you jotted your regimen on, or you misplaced your regimen or product booklet.

This is an app that helps you document your hair journey on the go irrespective of your hair style or hair type, and it is called “Hair Journal App”.

Upon opening this application, you are welcomed with a lovely start-up date which leads you to a profile page where you will create a profile for yourself. You can also create profile for your friends or clients who want to track their hair journeys.

Welcome screen
Profile Page
You create a profile for yourself that includes:
•    your profile name,
•    your hair style; where you choose if you are relaxed, texlaxed, texturized, transitioning or natural
•     your big chop date;  the date you decided to go natural and cut off all your relaxed/texlaxed hair.
•     your hair type;  you choose if your hair type is  amongst Type 1: Straight to Type 4c: Kinky
•     your hair goal; you choose if you just want healthy hair, neck length, shoulder length, Armpit length, Bra strap length, Mid back length or waist length
•     Hair goal date; date you hope to have achieved your hair goal
•    Hair measurements;  the unit which your hair will be measured. This is usually done in inches (in).

Personal entries can be added to the diary and calendar daily, weekly or monthly. Within that section of the app you also have:
•    Diary Entry: where you input the daily activity on your hair, that is, wash day with these products etc.

•    Hair stats (in); which means that on any given day you can do a length check of the front, back, left and right sides of your hair length and document these inches.
Hair Stat input
•    Hair Photo: pictures of your progress are stored within the App as well as in your regular photo
 album. This helps you track your hair growth in pictures. Length checks at specific times can be stored, the date is stored so you never forget and you have a beautiful visual of your hair progress.

My Journey photos
•    Reminder; you can also set reminders so you do not forget when next your wash day or relaxer day is.

This section is beautiful because you can insert the name and picture of the products you are currently using or have used. You rate them according to what worked for you or which product you didn’t like and write the reason why you liked or didn’t like it in the details area. This app comes with four default categories; shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and others, but you can insert other categories you want as seen in my picture.

Product Categories and Product Information

List of my Shampoos and Conditioners

 This category pulls all the data you have added about your hair growth in the hair stat region to give you a visual representation of your hair growth or loss whichever the case might be. The graph shows a line moving up by the increase in inches when you retain new growth or moving down by the inches during hair loss.
Growth Tracker Chart

You can share your hair journey information with your friends over twitter, facebook and instagram.

New backup and restore feature
You can back up all your data and restore them on the iOS Device and be rest assured your hair journey information is safely secured, this is currently only available for iOS users, but for Android users the backup feature will be available soon.

I have been using this hair journal app since its purchase early last year and I love it.  It is available for both iphone/ipad users as well as Android users.

For iphone/ipad users:
Free version can be downloaded or you can purchase the full version for 99cents on the iphone platform.

For Android users:
It can be purchased on Google play for $1.03, unfortunately I do not think there is a free version for Android users.

You can get more information on or

Would you purchase this application, let me know

Hairgineer Oyk.

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