Hot oil treatment & Moringa Rinse----Preparation towards Relaxer day.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Hey Hairgineers,

I have gradually come to end of yet another relaxer stretch, i have been religiously waiting 6 months in between relaxer application to my hair since 2014, so now at #23weekspostrelaxer i need to prepare my hair for relaxing next week, texlaxing actually because i texlax. You wondering what texlax is? Well you are late to the club but not to worry i've got you. Read this post to find about how i texlax my hair.

Hot Oil treatment.

I mixed coconut oil and grape seed oil together in my Doo-gro applicator bottle and placed it inside boiled water to heat it up. I then parted my hair into sections and applied the warm oil to my scalp as well as along the entire length of my hair. I wrapped with a stretch tite plastic food wrap, then wrap with a silk scarf and went about my house cleaning. It was a very busy day for me as Easter celebration was on full swing so i let in it the entire day.

Oils used
Sectioned Hair

stretch tite plastic food wrap

Silk Scarf

Protein/Moisture Treatment
I needed to reinforce my hair with some protein as my hair will be loosing some protein due to the relaxer process so i did a protein treatment. I washed the oil outta my hair with Mane-n-tail shampoo, then applied Mane-n-tail conditioner which i left in for 3 minutes, then washed the conditioner.
Mane n tail Shampoo & Conditioner
I applied Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque ( a moisturizing deep conditioner) as my deep conditioner because i need to consider protein/moisture balance. I wrapped my hair in a stretch tite plastic food wrap, covered with my silk scarf and left in for another 5 hours.
Moisture Treatment

Moringa Rinse
I firstly wonna hail Nigerians and their craze for things, at one point in Naija, Moringa was the bible, every where/one was all about Moringa, it was Moringa this, Moringa that. Moringa leaves were sold raw, converted to powder, u name it, people were rushing to buy because apparently it has so much health benefit. Lately i discovered that the all mighty Moringa was very beneficial to the hair. So i decided to try it.

Fresh Moringa Leaves
We have some Moringa growing in our compound so i plucked some and soaked in hot water and covered for about 5 hours for it to brew, i did this on the day i did my hot oil treatment and since i did not wash my hair that same day, i sieved it and poured the water into a bottle and kept it till the following day when i washed my hair.
Soaked Moringa

Moringa Water
After washing the deep conditioner, i was about to pour the Moringa water on my hair for the final rinse when i perceive a foul smell, upon closely smelling the water i realized it had fermented, i was soo disappointed, i did not want to take any risk by using the fermentaed Moringa so i had to pour it away. Sorry u were waiting for the result right? Apparently i should have put it in the refrigerator. 

I partly dried my hair, detangled it thoroughly, applied moisturizer ,sealed with oil and styled in a side parting.

During my next hair wash, after the relaxer process that is, i will try the Moringa rinse again, so i will give proper update on how my hair turned out using it.

I will be posting my relaxer/texlax update as well and a length check (excited about this).  So keep an eye on this blog.

Products Used:
-Shampoo: Mane-n-Tail Shampoo
-Conditioner: Mane-n- Tail Conditioner
-Deep Conditioner: Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque
-Oils: Nutiva Coconut oil & Nows Food Grapeseed oil.
Hair Wrap: Kirkland Signature Stretch Tite Plastic Food Wrap

Have you ever tried a hot oil treatment?
Have you ever used Moringa on your hair?

Share your taughts, i'd love to hear.

Hairgineer Oyk

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  1. I have used moringa leaves on my hair for a rinse out. I brew the fresh leaves in hot water for about 8 minutes. I diluted it a bit to take the temperature down and used immediately on my hair as a final rinse.

    1. Thanks for the comment dear, how did your hair react to it?

  2. Wow I never knew moringa was so good. We have a tree growing in our compound too. Would definitely lov to try it

    1. You should hun, let me know how it goes.


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