How i cared for my hair during Harmattan (African Winter).

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Hey Hairgineers,

I am amazed at how 2016 is rolling on, I know the rains are coming in now but you can never predict the Nigeria weather.
Harmattan started very thick last year December, it was heavy in Ibadan though not so much in Lagos. When we can back to Ibadan in January the harmattan had completely gone, but surprisingly it came back in February.

The Harmattan is a dry and dusty northeasterly trade wind which blows from the Sahara Desert over the West African subcontinent into the Gulf of Guinea between the end of November and the middle of March.

Taking very good care of ones hair in all season is important but extra care needs to be giving to our hair during Harmattan and this is majorly due to the dryness of the atmosphere. It is observed that when the skin is not well moisturized, it becomes scaly and white, so imagine our hair that is naturally dry.

Listed below are the things i did to take care of my hair during Harmattan, in order of importance, and i feel anyone can incorporate it too.

1) Protective Style: Putting your hair in a protective style is not an option, it is a must in order to save your hair from the harsh weather. I put my hair in box braids. There are so many protective style one can choose from.

2) Moisturize: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize, this cannot be over emphasized. I splashed a lot of scurl moisturizer on my hair daily to help replenish the lost moisture during the day.

3)Oil Sealing: I sealed my hair with castor oil. I have other light oils but because i wanted to keep the moisture in my hair as much as possible, i used a heavy oil like castor oil to seal my hair.

4) Deep Conditioning: My hair needs all the moisture it can get during this season, so deep conditioning was a must for me. I deep conditioned once every week (Saturday), to keep my hair in the braids hydrated and moisturized.

5) Conditioner washing: I mostly washed my hair with conditioner because of the heavy oil i used to seal my hair and also to keep it hydrated. This i did every week with Vo5, which is easier to wash outta braids.

6) Shampoo: This is last on the list because i only shampooed my hair fortnightly. I was trying to prevent washing out the natural oil in my hair, because this is needed during this time. I decided to use a Vo5 shampoo because of its runny consistency, as it will be easy to wash out.

How did you take care of your hair during this period?

Hairgineer Oyk.

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  1. Moisture is key to good health, even through all the bad and good weather.


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