30 Days Water Challenge

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Hey Hairgineers,

I mentioned from my previous post HERE that i will be embarking on 2 challenges in June. The second challenge is WATER CHALLENGE.

In the bit for continuous healthy living, i will be joining Hairyum on the 30 days water challenge, though i am 7 days behind.


1. Drink only water.
2. No sodas, juice, milk, coffee, tea or alcohol for 30 days

Watch your hair, nail and skin.

Grow and Glow! 

This is gonna be a difficult challenge (yes oh) because the rains are here and with the cold weather i just wonna curl up and drink some hot cocoa.

Hopefully I will not fall out and will be showing a comparison picture at the end of June for both my hair and skin.

Do you think water challenge is something you can do?

Hairgineer Oyk

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  1. I will die without my coffee, but I drink water even in this cold weather.


    1. Loolz @ die without your coffee, it snot gonna be easy on my end as well cos i love soda and beverage but am goona try.


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