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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hi Hairgineers,

I wish we were in a country were the judicial system actually works, I would be in big money right now, a millionaire or better still a billionaire, loolz.

I had a very restful week last week as a result of the long Muslim holiday. At some point I got very bored and decided to take a stroll. They say walking is good for the body yeah! so i waka oh. On my way I saw this salon and was curious to see what they got.

Since i started my hair consultation (yeah, i did start #batingeyelid, a lil advice here and there for our customers and friends) i have been so curious to know what people use at salons as well as personally, you will be soooo surprised about people's ignorance. (like i was not in their shoes at one point, loolz)
Anyway, i entered this salon to ask some random questions about their services, prices, and products and took a look around. You will be shocked at what i found.

So-fine Detangling Instant Hair Conditioner:

It claims it is enriched with henna & cholesterol.
The label behind it reads 'This exclusive formula contains Lanolin ( not encouraged for hair), Henna, Empitan (didn't find what this is on google), Vitamin E, Protein, Cetearyl alcohol, Coconut oil, Preservatives and Herbal Extract to re-nourish (re-nourish?) your hair & scalp (are conditioners meant for scalp?)

So-fine hair shampoo concentrate with Conditioner & Protein:

It claims it is formulated to remove dirt, detangles (hmmm!) and adds shine and sheen to the hair for the sparkling touch and fine texture' (I am wondering who came up with this line for them, loolz)

Taxapon (this is usually used for making liquid soap),  Citric acid (preservative), Sodium Chloride, (shampoo thickener), Congelen CO, Preservative, Fragrance.
Am wondering which of these ingredient is suppose to help detangle or condition, or is protein.

I wish i could sue this company for what they are doing to several Nigeria women's hair who have and are ignorantly using these products. Chei! Ignorance sure is really a disease.

I was able to enlighten the owner of the salon to immediately discard these products and i hope she did.
Tons of these local salons carry this type of shampoos and conditioners.
In this time of #BuyNigeriaGrowNigeria, please shine your eye, check out the product ingredients before purchase or before use at the salon, better still go to the salon with your hair products.

Have you come across products like this? Share your experience

Hairgineer Oyk

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  1. Thanks for bringing light to this matter. We as consumers need to be careful and mindful of the products we use.

    1. So so true, I think it should be included in Hair education via various hair meets.

  2. Pls share your thought in Kera and naked hair products. That's all my salon uses for me. Plus they refuse to ever use hair cream, just leave -in conditioners and sth they can cream shine. Pls what do you think about this? Oh btw, I've got real good hair so I can't really say if their policies have helped my hair or not

    1. Did you mean Keracare products?.
      I believe some questions you need to ask yourself are;

      1) What was the status of my hair before i started going to this salon?
      You said you have very good hair
      2) Has your good hair been compromised in any way?
      3)Does your hair feel better or worse after you salon session?

      Hair creams that contain lanolin or petrolatum are not good for our hair, so this might be a reason why they dont use hair cream on your hair.

      If you donot feel comfortable with the products they use for you at the salon, please go with yours and suggest they use oil (which are more beneficial) on your hair.

      I hope i have been able to help.

      You can send me a mail at, if you'll love us to discuss some more.



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