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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hey Hairgineers,

Yes I know its been a while, many apologizes, I have taken up so many responsibilities in order to move to another level in life, loolz (gunning for the top).

Thankfully the healthy hair awareness is gradually increasing in Ibadan, there was a hair meet organized by House of Naturals, they had their debut edition last year, so this is the second edition.

House of Naturals was founded by young vibrant natural hair ladies, and I was delighted to be part of it as I have always wanted increased hair meet awareness in Ibadan.

The program was slated for 12 noon and ladies had started showing up before time, I  was so impressed with this. The program started at exactly 12 noon, I must give it to them, time usage was very on point.

One of the founder Oyindamola Ajibike welcomed everyone and the program commenced. There were five facilitators who talked knowledgeably well on different aspects of taking care of the hair.

Ekene of The Kink and I graced us with her presence as one of the facilitators, yes yes she came all the way from Lagos, loolz.

Find below pictures of the event. (Not the best quality pictures, bare with me)

Oyinda welcoming everyone

Pribodunke talking about protective styling

Dr Oyinkansola talking about beauty and your hair

Ekene talking about balancing your life, work and hair.

Dr Demicarson talking about Hair budget and DIY 

Tosin (Afropelo) gisting away about healthy hair practices.
Chisome teaching us how to make wigs.

Products Vendors
There were several products sponsors who displayed there products from International brands to Nigerian made brands for hair and skin care.
Flowercrown by fifi

The prettyme product store


natural godly beautiful

Ewami Essentials
I got to meet lovely lovely gorgeous ladies.
With Oyinda

With Dr Oyinkan and Ekene of thekinkandI

With Demicarson

I must give kuddos to House of Nuturals, they pulled a well organized and informative event. I gained quite a number of new things and I was also glad to meet the beautiful ladies who I follow either of Instagram or via Blogposts. Looking forward to many more Hair events in Ibadan with a huge turn out.

Were you part of the event?Please share your thoughts

Hairgineer Oyk.


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