I am returning natural.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hey Hairgineers,

I have heard this too many times 'I am returning natural'. From International bloggers to African bloggers. The list is endless, loolz.

Anyways I have been battling with myself on whether to return natural or not. Due to the recent activities I have been involved with, (all will be announced in good time when complete, loolz), I have not been able to take as much care of my hair.

Last week Saturday (2/9/16) I actually deep conditioned for 2days, you can imaging, I did not get the chance to wash it out at night nor the following morning. Thanks to the latest turban trend, I hid it under the turban to church. When I finally washed my hair, my natural roots (I am 19weekspostrelaxer)  had matted so badly it took about an hour and half to sort the mess. So i thought to myself will I be able to handle my natural mane?

So the battle of the mind continues, should I succumb to the natural hair movement pressure? (yes oh, its a serious pressure) should I return natural? If and when I decide to, should I transition or big chop?

Until the stronger side of the brain wins, I shall be enjoying my texlaxed hair. I will be trimming my relaxed ends this week to be fully texlaxed. Picture will be uploaded on instagram (@simplyoyk, follow me)

Are you under the same pressure, are you confused if to stay relaxed or texlaxed or return to your natural roots? Have you been able to overcome this pressure or have you returned?.

Share your tots, it can help me.

Picture courtesy: www.theodysseyonline.com

Hairgineer Oyk.

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