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Monday, November 02, 2015

Hey Hairgineers,

So good to be back, i have been away due to the delivery of my beautiful baby girl (will spare you guys the details, loolz). My last texlax was in January 29th and i had planned on texlaxing my hair in April, but my pregnancy was challenging i could not bear putting any relaxer on my hair. My baby came in July and i have been busy taking care of her, 39weekspostrelaxer (9 months) i finally texlaxed.

I know its such a long time, at some point i was thinking of transition but with a baby to take care of i didn't think i would have time to take care of my hair, natural.


I gently parted my 39weeksposttelax under growth and then applied Vaseline petroleum jelly to my scalp. I had so much thick under growth i had to gently part and finger detangle to remove any shed hair before combing with my Mebco detangling comb. I sectioned my hair into four parts and applied Roux Porosity Control & Corrector Conditioner to my previously relaxed hair. I twisted and pinned and covered with my silk scarf till the texlax day.


The relaxer application and smoothen took exactly 25 minutes, i had to go for a professional relax because of the amount of the new growth.

Texlax crew

Products Used:
- Relaxer: ORS Lye Relaxer in Normal Strength.
-Conditioner: used Aubrey GPB as my mid-relaxer protein
-Neutralizing Shampoo:  Motion Neutralizing Shampoo
-Deep Conditioner: Shea Moisture Deep conditioning masque+ grapeseed oil + peppermint oil
-Apple Rinse: Raven Apple Rinse for Black Hair.
-Leave-in: Elasta QP Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner
-Sealant: Grapeseed oil.
-Relaxed End Protector: Roux Porosity Control & Corrector Conditioner

Texture shot

The relaxer application started from the front part of my hair so this was more processed than the back side. I intend to start the relaxer application from the back during my next relaxer application, inorder to balance the texture. I am also looking at trying out the half and half method, (you can find out more about it on just grow already blog page).


I went to the salon for a 7 days texlax follow up wash (this is very important), after which i blow dried and flat ironed my hair. I am so glad i was able to retain length and my ends are healthy too. yaaaayy
Length check and comparism

Become my friend, have you texlax recently?

Hairgineer Oyk.

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  1. Congrats! I hope the delivery went relatively smoothly. Your hair looks nice and you definitely gained some length

    1. Thanks dear, yes oh the delivery was very smooth, it was the pregnancy that was a bit challenging. I have been meaning to comment on your blog posts, i enjoyed them during my hibernation period loolz.

    2. Lovely.


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