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Monday, December 07, 2015

Last week  Don't touch the hair tagged all bloggers on the post which initially generated from Sisi Yemmie and Africanism Cosmopolitan

Below I have my own answers to the questions.

(1) Name of your blog?

(2) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because i wanted to share my hair journey, as well as use it as a medium to educate anyone out there who is interested in healthy hair.

(3) Are you a full-time blogger?
No i am not, i work 8am - 5pm and overtime loolz

(4) What do you know now that you wish you had knew then?
How consistent you need to be with blogging.

(5) Challenges of blogging in Nigeria
Planning can be quite challenging in Nigeria, as there are so many challenges that can spring up. Electricity issues, fuel to power generator, internet plans etc.

(6)How much was your first paid ad/anything?
I haven't done any ad.

(7) How is Nigeria blogsphere?
I am so impressed as to how to blogsphere in Nigeria is, Nigerian bloggers are all so friendly and we support each others.

(8) What's your family's response to you blogging knowing the Nigerian culture with stable jobs?
My husband supports my blogging, he proof reads my post sometimes when he his available. My parents too support me, seeing how much my hair has improved.

(9) Messages to Nigeria Brands.
Nigeria brands have come a long way, i am so happy and impressed with Nigeria made products, they stand to compete with world brands. I would like to encourage them to keep it up, as well as work on continual improvement.

(10) Plan for your blog
I plan to upload posts more frequently and provide rich contents, full of information that will be educating and entertaining.

(11) Perks of blogging in Nigeria
It's amazing how bloggers support one another online and on social media also, when events are organized bloggers show-up to support.

(12) Do you think blogging should be a career path?
Blogging can be a career path for anyone who wants to do it full time. It is actually lucrative. loolz

(13) What do you hope for the future of blogging in Nigeria?
I hope Nigeria produces more bloggers.

(14) Have you ever been copy righted/stolen from someone?
I haven't been, yet loolz

(15) Do you feel fulfilled blogging?
Not yet, i will be fulfilled when i have loads of people sending emails and calling saying my blog has helped their hair tremendously.

Like the tag creators and Dont touch the hair who tagged us, i would like to tag all my fellow bloggers/hairgineers.


Hairgineer Oyk.

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