Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hey Hairgineers,

I was so excited when Natural Nigeria announced she in conjuction with Afribeautyhub were organizing a hair meet in Ibadan. I was like phew! finally. Although  this is not the first hair meet in Ibadan, a debut was organized by House of Naturals last year which I could not attend. 

The program was slated for 12noon to 6pm, but Ibadan babes did not show up until about past 1pm. While waiting for the program to start properly ladies went around to get to know the vendors and did some shopping.

The program finally started at about 1:45pm with the first facilitator, Mr Eze Onwugbenu, a Natural health entreprenuer/ biomedical researcher, who talked extensively on healthy living. A question and answer session followed afterwards.

The second speaker  Natural Nigeria, encouraged all to patronize more of Nigeria Product Brands, she talked about the seminar she attended and how she marvelled at how our locally made products, palm kernel oil and shea butter are being used to make a lot of money internationally.

The third speaker was Esther from Afribeautyhub who butressed what Natural Nigeria said, she also encouraged all to buy Nigerian products inorder to grow the Naira.

Natural Nigeria rounded up the event by briefly discussing healthy hair practises for Naturals. The program ended at about 4pm, further shopping continued afterwards.

Did this event met my expectation? Not really. My expectation for this event was very high, I had expected a large turn out of naturals, I also expected the program to focus more on steps to achieving healthy hair (explaining various steps from Shampooing to conditioning, deep conditioning etc).

Ibadan ladies are still a bit behind on the healthy hair and natural hair awareness, hopefully with continuous hair meet the awareness will be a lot more.

Hair meet flier
Healthy living talk

Naturalistas listening attentively

Products vendors had very colorful stands with various products ranging from the Nigerian Brands to International Brands. Products vendors included; Hairgineering, Shanyi Organics, Afribeautyhub, Natural Nigerian, The Mane Choice Africa.


Natural Nigerian
Shanyi Organics

Creative Juices


Someone asked, but you are texlaxed why did you attend a natural hair meet. Being texlaxed, relaxed or natural should not prevent anyone from learning more about hair. I love to learn in order to be knowledgable on wide range of information. Who knows I could decide to transition, loolz.

Have you attended any hair meet recently? Please share.

Hairgineer Oyk.

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  1. I was in Lagos when I saw your instagram post about this hair meet and I was bummed. Thank God theres a lot of information online on how to care for one's hair (videos and blogs) but it's also good to mingle with people and share experiences and trade information. I feel that helps us know we aren't alone on this journey.
    Hope Hairgineering would organise a hair meet and greet soon 😆.

    1. Thank you for the comment, yes mingling and networking with other healthy hair enthusiast is very good as it opens your eyes to a lot of things.

      Another meet is coming up soon, in October, you should plan to attend.

      Hairgineering is looking at planning a hair meet and greet next year.


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